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Luke On-Air

Website aimed at talent agents and key industry industry players, created for a voiceover artist based in Brisbane, Australia. This was a challenging project that required use of a basic content editor with few options for customization. A bit of perseverance and creativity ensured an end result that exceeded the client's expectations.

Zanza Williams Digital Marketing Social Media Design Food Air Force DFAC

Knight's Table

Total Facebook revamp for a military operation based in the United Kingdom. My social media strategy increased followers by 30% in less than three months and boosted event attendance by up to 300%. The target audience of young airmen is notoriously difficult to reach, however meticulous research ensured content was appropriate, effective and kept them engaged.



Created print and digital publications and advertisements for recreation and travel agencies based in the United Kingdom. Foot traffic went up by 25% following a rebrand of the bi-annual travel guide plus a revision of the promotional plan. Streamlined the publication schedule and design process to better meet deadlines. Increased digital presence utilizing tools neglected by others, such as such as cinema marquees, digital signage displays and social media.


United States Air Force

Co-ordinated a team of designers to produce award-winning print and digital promotions for a variety of operations including retail, food and beverage, travel, recreation, fitness, community events and family programs. Managing the monthly AtEase magazine was a major focus, including interviewing, writing articles, editing, layout design, print and distribution. My unique methods and expertise were later recognized with the opportunity to provide designer training to another Air Force marketing team.


Big Picture

Samples of “behind the scenes” items such as marketing plans, branding +style guides, policy and procedure documents and training manuals are available on request using the form below. Due to client privacy, these items are understandably not suitable for public distribution. 


This portfolio offers but a snapshot of success. If you wish to see anything not showcased here, please reach out. Email, Zoom and WhatsApp are the preferred ways to communicate. Fill out the form for direct contact details such as phone number. You can also reach out via LinkedIn.

This portfolio belongs to Alexandra Constantinou and/or Zanza Williams. Please do not print or copy without prior permission as none of the items are intended for reproduction or distribution. Some of the items are protected by copyright or other restrictions. Some items have been altered or prepared using elements from legally-obtained stock photography and artwork providers. Additionally, some of the samples within this portfolio are the property of the organization shown or some other organizations which may not be clearly shown for various reasons, such as confidentiality.

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