10 Festive Color Palettes That Aren’t Just Green + Red

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Take your festive marketing materials in a more exciting direction this year with a splash of unique colors. These attention-grabbing color palettes will wow your customers and jazz up your Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa promotional designs.

It’s easy to play it safe and use the typical reds and greens in your December designs.

The problem is, your competitors are all using the same colors and your advertisements, promo flyers and social media graphics will only get lost in the sea of red and green that plagues all marketing materials at this time of year.

If you’re more traditional, you don’t have to completely ditch the red and green just yet. You’ll notice most of the palettes below will complement any festive photo. Some even include a form of red or green (for example, a berry or mint) to show you that even the more traditional Christmas colors can be more exciting or stylish with a little tweak.


A unique festive color combination will help your marketing designs get the attention they deserve.

In order to stand out you really have to come up with a color scheme that is both appropriate yet also unique; a palette that stops people scrolling and makes them click!

Creating brand identity and seasonal palettes is one of my favorite things to do. I do this regularly for clients who are starting a new business or refreshing their brand. Colors should also be changed up seasonally or even monthly in your regular publications such as magazines and newsletters and also for digital items like social media and websites.

KEEP YOUR MARKETING DESIGNS FRESH BY CHANGING UP YOUR color PALETTEs regularly. you want your colors to be appropriate for the season but with a unique twist that will make your customers stop scrolling and make that click.

alexandra constantinou, owner - zanza williams


Everyone’s creative process is a little different but here’s my approach to creating the perfect palette.

  1. Take inspiration from photos or seasonal products from your favorite stores. If you use Adobe CC, you may have some elements or favorite palettes already saved in your Library.

  2. Pull colors from the photos or images. This can be done in a variety of ways, either using Adobe’s Extract Theme tool or the color picker in any design app. Canva also has an easy color palette generator.

  3. Consider using pre-made palettes and then customize a collection from there. This article lists a bunch of different tools for this.


Current clients: Let me know which of the colors below excite you and I can apply them to your upcoming marketing designs. I’m really excited to put some of these into play.

Already have a graphic artist or agency? Share this post with them using the share buttons below. They will be able to use the HEX codes to replicate these exact color schemes.

Alternatively, trust the professionals who created these palettes! Our designers are on standby to provide quick turnaround graphics for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other winter or fall celebrations. We can even accommodate super last-minute Halloween requests! 

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Deck the halls

Festive Color Palette London Christmas Lights


We just moved back to the US after five years in the UK and I was clearly "UK homesick" when I created this palette! The combination of bright and muted blues matched with the pink is such a gorgeous combination. Total Regent St Christmas-light vibes here. I would love to see these colors integrated into a nativity scene design. Photo by Jamie Davies on Unsplash


A bright red and black screams "Santa costume" but mixing these solid colors up with some candy-colored pastels really softens things up.
Photo by Matt Antonioli on Unsplash

Festive Color Palette Winter Spruce Fall Foliage


Chilly and warm at the same time, this palette is inspired by one of my favorite trees, the Colorado Blue Spruce, with some complimentary rustic oranges thrown in for good measure. The perfect Thanksgiving-into-Winter palette.
Photo by Teodor Drobota on Unsplash


This delightful Christmas tree may cost more than $1,000 but, thankfully, the colors are free! The icy blues give that frosty, snow-capped feel and provide a backdrop for a perfectly unique winter palette. I'm definitely Dreaming of a White Christmas just looking at this.
Product and photo by Balsam Hill Denali Christmas Tree

Festive Color Palette African Christmas Market Ornaments Beaded


If you really want to make an entrance at the Christmas Party, choose this bright and colorful palette inspired by these beaded tree ornaments. These colors that span the spectrum will really grab attention on social media. In the southern hemisphere, Christmas looks very different from the White Christmas you typically see depicted so these bold colors would really suite a warm, summery Christmas!
Photo courtesy South Africa WineMag

Festive color palette winter fall foliage flowers


Continuing the theme of deep, rich tones from the London palette above, the purple and rose colors from this palette are absolutely to die for. This would be a really beautiful palette for fall also.
Photo by Austris Augusts on Unsplash

Festive Color Palette Vintage Retro Mid Century Christmas Decorations


I love scouring eBay for mid century glass tree ornaments at Christmas. I'm also on the hunt for a silver aluminium tree typical of the era, but these are hard to come by. For now, this palette will give you the same nostalgia. The muted MCM colors will translate well for both digital and print designs.


The earthy harvest tones inspired by this Kwanzaa altar are offset with a purple, which will really give your designs impact. Use this color scheme from Autumn onwards. Learn more about this African American tradition at InterExchange.


This photo instantly brought back memories of an Aussie beach Christmas. Turns out, this photo was taken in Australia! The cool blue and aqua usually represent winter but in this context, paired with the orange and teal, says "sun, sea and sand" all over. Keep your design clean and modern, much like the decorations pictured, when using this palette. Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash


The marriage of red and purple is definitely under-utilized in the design world but is one of the most striking combinations for both print and digital applications. Nothing says "Festival of Lights" more than this palette inspired by a colorful menorah. I was delighted to learn that our school district here in New Jersey observes some Jewish holidays and I'm keen to gain a deeper understanding of the traditions. If you're like me and still learning, check out this guide.

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